Thursday, November 3

An early bit of Winter

To everything there is a season…here in Maine, our seasons turned a little earlier than we’re used to and winter arrived in October.  This year, my kids went trick or treating with snow boot on! Check it out here. We’ve had flurries on Halloween before but never several inches on the ground!
I still had a few plants to remove from the community garden. I stopped by yesterday morning to take care of things. In the wee hours of the morning, everything was covered in thick frost, twinkling in the morning sunshine.
The remnants the season now gone stood frozen in time, sparkling in frost.
I think, perhaps, it was one of my favorite moments at this growing place.
Welcome back, Jack Frost.


Donna said...

We do get snow on Halloween here every few years or so...happened a few years ago actually...but we were spared this storm and I am grateful...the frosty pictures are lovely

Linn Acres Farm said...

Here in CT, my area got 10+ inches of snow. I was out in my garden picking luffa sponges in my snow boots.. I couldn't help but laugh a little! Totally love your frost photos :)

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