Monday, August 1

Egyptian Walking Onion Harvest

Today, I harvested some of the tiny top onions growing on the stems of my Egyptian Walking Onions. As the stems grew top heavy they bend and lower the little onions to the ground. The stems then begin to dry up as you can see in the photo below. Once dry, they eventually break and the little onions are free to propagate where they have landed.
Having plenty of these plants, I decided to harvest the little onions.
 I cut the stems and brought the bunch inside. Then I trimmed off the stems so I just have bunches of tiny onions left.
I'll let these dry and store them in a jar. My kitchen has the fresh scent of onions today- a bit like chives but stronger. These are strong enough to make my eyes water as I was cutting the onions off the stem. Once the clusters have dried, the onions can easily be broken apart into individual bulbs.
These can also be planted at this point or later, after drying. The first year they will get green stems but probably no top onions. The second season the top onions will grow. These are perennials, so once established, you will have a forever supply of Egyptian Walking Onions.
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