Thursday, August 18

Portland Community Garden Late Summer

After one of the wettest summers in the Pacific NW we finally have had a few weeks of warm weather. Here you can see that the Rainbow Chard continues to do well and the leaves are getting quite large now. I love Chard because as soon as you harvest a few leaves, more grow back and Chard grows here spring through early winter.

I have been harvesting tons of the Yellow Wax Beans. They grew and started producing beans very quickly even though they are only a foot tall. I would definitely grow more of these next year.

Pictured is one of the many squash plants that have started to product. I like the Lemon Squash we are growing because the plants don't get that big, but produce a great deal. I also found the squash easy to cut and the peel very soft.

There is a lot of talk in the garden about winter gardening. I was told that we can grow a great deal here in the Pacific NW just by using a row cover. The best time to sow seeds for winter gardening is now. I have read that the trick is not having too much top growth by the time the cold weather starts in most plants. Not sure if I want to take a break or continue to garden all year round.

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