Wednesday, October 19

Fall Colors in My Garden

Even though most of the summer blooms have long gone, I found some color in my garden today. A few cosmos are still in bloom.
As well as this beautiful yellow flower. It reminds me of the flowers I saw on my trip out west. I'm not sure what it is as I planted a packet of mixed wildflowers in this spot.
Just one little vinca blossom right by my doorstep.
 Remember the poke weed I showed you a while back? Well, now the berries are this gorgeous shade of purple. The berries have been used in the past for ink and dye.
And let me tell you about this pumpkin blossom. I have pumpkin vines growing all over my back garden. I wanted lots of pumpkins this year so planted a lot of plants. I have long, long vines and many blossoms like this one but not one pumpkin. I did get a small pumpkin from my community garden plot. Other than that, nothing.

I have two holly bushes on either side of my front door-one male, one female. The berries are looking wonderful and making me think ahead to the holidays. These are in need of pruning but I'll wait a while so I can use the greens and berries to decorate for the holidays.

It won't be long before the snow flies and we'll be getting ready to deck the halls.
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