Wednesday, October 12

Response to Caroline's Note:What is left?

Our issue here with weather is the rain and how much rain are we going to get? I have been focused on harvested everything and sowing a green manure on any bare soil to reduce soil erosion and add needed nitrogen to the soil. I decided to use a mix of Crimson Clover and Rye.

Rosemary and Sage. I plan to dry these in my pantry.
The Rhubarb is still going strong and has produced more healthy looking stalks.
A Sunflower from another garden.
Summer flowers are still in bloom here.
Last harvest. Tons of squash and tomatoes finally. I had to harvest tons of green tomatoes.
Tomatillos are finally ripe. Found out they are ripe when they fall on the ground.
Mystery Squash or Cucumber. Does anyone know what this is?
I have decided not to winter garden although I did leave the Chard and Cabbage that I planted late summer. I think a 3 month break will be good to plan for our next season. I know I am planning to use a row cover early spring to warm up the soil and make an early start of it.
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