Tuesday, July 15

Malva Zebrina and Creme De Cassis Hollyhocks

This pretty pink and purple perennial  is Malva Zebrina, commonly known as Hollyhock Mallow. My daughter saw it at the garden center and loved the pretty flowers, so we added it to my cottage garden.
 I planted it in front of my tall hollyhock because the colors seemed to compliment each other nicely. I have no experience at all with this plant so I'm hoping it will survive the winter for many more years in my garden.
In the past, I've tried starting hollyhocks from seed with no luck at all. This year I purchased a plant from my local nursery and for the first time I have hollyhocks in my garden! I'm hoping it will seed in for many more years of enjoyment.

 I've learned several things about hollyhocks:

1) The height is astounding! I knew these were tall plants, but still a little surprised by just how tall this one grew.
2) Snails love to eat hollyhock leaves
3) Japanese Beetles love to eat hollyhock blossoms
This particular hollyhock is a variety called "Creme De Cassis" 
If you'd like to try growing Creme De Cassis hollyhock from seed, visit the link below for information and a great description of this adaptable variety.

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