Saturday, July 19

Propagating Hydrangeas and Spirea

In 2006, The Washington Park Arboretum Bulletin proclaimed: “Even in the smallest and humblest garden, a sturdy hydrangea at once proclaims the place as the abode of a real gardener rather than a mere purchaser of plants to cover the landscape.”

I've never had hydrangeas in my garden though I love them. My grandmother had two beautiful hydrangeas in her yard. My mother has them too. So, I'm going to try to become a 'real gardener' this year. 
I've seen the how to propagate instructions floating around on Pinterest. With some rooting powder and cuttings, I can start my very own baby hydrangea plants.
 So I asked my mother if I could take some cuttings from her plants.
 I brought them home, dipped the tip in rooting powder and cut the leaves in half. My mother says this is to make most of the energy go into the roots, yet leave some leaf for food production.
 I stuck the cuttings into potting soil and watered. We shall see if I become a real gardener this year with my hydrangeas.
 These beautiful specimens are my mother's hydrangeas from which I took the cuttings. Even though it will take a whole lot of time, I'm hoping to someday have plants as gorgeous as these.

She also let me have come cuttings from her spirea bush. I followed the same directions as the hydrangea.

Fingers crossed!

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