Thursday, July 10

Pretty Petunias

 While standing on my deck in the searing July heat recently, the scent brought me back to a happy spring day in a local greenhouse. The source: my containers of petunias basking in the sun as they love to do.
The trend with my containers this year is petunias. I love petunias. I started with a flat of a variety called "Daddy Mix" this spring. I liked them so much I went back to the garden center to find some more.
 Daddy Mix blooms have delicate veins and come in a variety of colors: plum, lilac, blue, coral, and purple. I also added two varieties of miniature petunias in white and lavender. I think the miniature petunias are adorable and add some nice size contrast in a container.
Petunia care is relatively easy, with the exception of deadheading. They like hot sunny spots with about 6 hours of sunlight. They are somewhat tolerant of dry conditions but I like to give a light watering regularly which has worked well for me. I also added some organic fertilizer to the soil before planting. Regular deadheading will encourage more blooms for eye popping plants through the summer.
I've planted my containers with Daddy Mix, Picobella mini white and mini lavender petunias. I've also added some pink geraniums for an added splash of color and variety.
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