Sunday, August 10

Oxalis: The Easiest, No Fail, Houseplant Ever

If you are looking for a low care easy to grow no fail houseplant take a look at my Oxalis. Sometimes these plants are called Shamrock Plants because of the leaf shape, but if there wasn't already a plant known as resurrection plant, I'd suggest that as the most apt name for this little beauty. It's next to impossible to kill this plant.  
 I've had mine for years. I can't tell you how many times I was certain I had neglected the poor thing to death, and yet, it always revives.
This pink Oxalis is a personal family plant. My grandmother had this plant as long as I can remember. It's so easy to divide, every woman in the family has a piece of Grammie's original plant. I have no idea where my grandmother first got her Oxalis, but I'm going to ask around and find out the history, if anyone remembers.

When my aunt gave me this one, she told me if it dies back absolutely, positively, DO NOT throw it out! She said it will look as dead as dead can be, the leaves all brown and dried out. She emphasized the plant will always come back. And it has.
This white Oxalis was a gift from my mother one Saint Patrick's Day many years ago. It, too, will die back just like the pink Oxalis, but it has always revived to bloom again.
Many times my plants' dormancy has been part of its natural cycle, and then, admittedly, times when I neglected the plant. It doesn't matter. This plant has been so good to me and given me pretty little flowers and shamrock shaped leaves to enjoy no matter how ignored.
 In the summer, I put mine outdoors in a shady spot and they thrive. I think it's nearly time to re-pot them into a bigger pot which I'll tackle this fall. In the winter months, I keep them on the bathroom vanity.

So if you are in the market for an easy and pretty houseplant, give Oxalis a try.

Oxalis bulbs can be purchased from Easy To Grow Bulbs and Vermont Wildflower Farm. Check out the links below:
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