Tuesday, August 26

The Gardens of Hamilton House Part 1

Nestled in the small town of South Berwick in Southern Maine, not far at all from the New Hampshire border, is one of the prettiest gardens in these parts-the gardens of Hamilton House.

On a recent visit, I couldn't help but take photo after photo of the beauty of this spot: from the house itself to the formal gardens, to the smaller cottage garden, to the stunning view of the Salmon Falls River.
I'm so excited to share this garden with you in this series of posts so those of you too far to visit can take a virtual tour. For those of you within driving distance, this is a must see destination for garden fanciers.
I love the tiger lilies in this perennial border. We visited at a time when the blooms were stunning, drawing the attention of many butterflies.
This is a view looking down through the formal gardens to the cottage in the distance. 
    It's a great place for both humans and dogs to take a walk.
Another perennial border overflowing with ageratum and black-eyed Susans.
This is the quaint walled garden outside the cottage. It's filled with all sorts of lovely plantings. In this little garden, I always feel as though I've stepped back into another century.

Part II coming soon........
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