Sunday, August 17

Sambucus Canadensis 'Adams' Elderberry Bush

For some time now I've wanted to plant elderberry on my property. I tried transplanting wild bushes with no luck. When I saw this bush on sale at a nursery, I brought it home. The variety is "Adams." It was the last one. Elderberry bushes are becoming popular in native landscaping plans.
 This elderberry will spread so my hope is to have a nice supply of elderberry outside my door in the years to come.
 I love elderberry as it's packed with nutrition and so versatile. It can be made into jelly, syrup, and wine. I've dried and frozen the berries to preserve for winter. Even the spring blossoms can be eaten. In addition, elderberry attracts and provides food for birds.

The wild elderberries are ripening, so stay tuned for more elderberry posts in the coming weeks. In the meantime, click here if you'd like to read a previous Sprouts post about collecting elderberries.
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