Tuesday, June 9

First & Second Harvest of the Season-Portland, OR

Beets-They are a tad small this year, but with 90 plus weather I am starting to harvest all my spring crops earlier than usual. The goats next door loved the beet greens. I managed to save a few leaves to eat for dinner tonight. I boiled my beets last night using the instructions in the video below.

Lettuce-I don't think the holes from the slugs are showing in this photo. Slugs are bad this year! It is always a major battle with slugs in the pacific Northwest.  The lettuce are another victim of the mini heat wave. Looks like I will be eating a lot of salads this week.

Onions and Garlic-The stems of my garlic and onions are starting to fall to the ground. I read that the onions are ready when the main stem closest to the bulb feels dry and not solid. I am leaving the bulbs out in the sun to dry out before I store them. The garlic is small, but smells wonderful!

Chamomile and Basil-I have been collecting chamomile flowers for a while now. If you have never grown this herb, don't worry about being aggressive collecting the flowers. As soon as you remove the flowers, more appear in a few days. 

Raspberries-I am not sure what variety the peach ones are, but they are way sweeter than the usual red varieties. 

Sage-I am just drying these on the kitchen counter on a paper towel right now, but once I get more I will start using the dehydrator. Of course I saved a few springs to use fresh. 

Peas-The pea plants are getting brown already from the heat. So I have decided to get aggressive with harvesting the pea pods this year.

Lemon Thyme-I am going to use this to make tea.

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