Thursday, June 11

The Grotto-Portland,OR

The Grotto is a beautiful sanctuary for mother Mary, right in the middle of the city of Portland. The property includes acres of shaded woodland gardens and unexpected delights, such as the very modern meditation building with a glass wall that looks down on the city. Parts of the grotto are built on a 110 feet basalt cliff.

At the base of the cliff is a beautiful altar and outdoor church. Services are still held on a regular basis here. There is a beautiful bronze statue of of Mary that was dedicated to mark the 700th anniversary of the the Servite Order. There is also a small church with distinctive bronze doors for when the weather gets bad. There is a elevator that takes you up to the second level where most of the gardens are.

The land was acquired in 1923 by Father Mayer from the Union Pacific Railroad Company. Father Meyer was part of the Servite order. The order was started in 1233 with seven men who founded a society that was dedicated to the Virgin Mary.

Cost is free except for a $5 charge for a token to take the elevator up to the second level. The property includes a gift shop and free parking. The Grotto is open most days of the year. For more information go to the Grotto Website

Chapel of Mary

The modern Meditation Chapel

View down from the glass walls of he Meditation Chapel

One of many statues throughout the shaded grounds

Tiny Chapel of St Anne

Rose Garden outside the Monastery

Private Servite Monastery

One of many water features on the grounds

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