Friday, April 27


Bonsai is an artistic representation of a natural tree. It is an image, an illusion of nature. It is
smoke and mirrors that defies the senses. The best bonsai are magicians' tricks that have
fooled the eye into seeing a far off place in the distant past, or the side of a craggy cliff. We
all have to strive to be the magician.
- Al Keppler
Soon my son, our resident green thumb, will be buying a Bonsai specimen. Since visiting the new Bonsai exhibit at the Museum of Science, he's been pondering what type he wants.
  In the near future, we'll be taking a trip down to a nursery that carries Bonsai. This interest was inspired by our recent visit to the exhibit.
This particular bonsai is over 100 years old!

To see more of our visit to the bonsai exhibit and for some fun bonsai links, visit Caroline's blog Pinecones and Periwinkles.
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