Monday, April 16

Note to Michele: Asparagus

Hi Michele,

Your garden looks beautiful! I'm glad the weather is looking better now and you were able to plant all those seeds. As far as the beets and peas, I've never heard of planting them in combination so it will be an interesting experiment seeing how it works for you.

The news from here is that we have ONE asparagus in our asparagus patch. We've been adding plants each year, however it takes several years before a harvest is possible so we've been waiting on this for some time. I don't know where the other spears are and hoping the plants survived.

Above you see the little berries from last years asparagus plants. Inside each berry are seeds. I'm wondering if we can plant these and get asparagus eventually? What do you think?
And here is the photo of our ONE asparagus spear. If you look closely there is another coming up right beside the big one. My son and I are trying to decide what we will do with this one- though it's nice and plump, it doesn't quite make a meal. We may toss a coin for it.

In other news, our seedlings are not doing well confirming my hypothesis that I'm just not cut out for starting seeds indoors. More and more I'm leaning toward planting things which take as little fuss as possible which I know isn't easy when it comes to gardening. My son and I are going to make one of our gardens purely perennial food plants with berry bushes, asparagus plants and strawberries. I like the idea of plants that stick around year after year. I think I'm going to reread Gaia's Garden and learn more about permaculture.

That's about it for now, but I'll be sure to let you know who wins the asparagus spear!
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