Monday, April 23

Response to Caroline: Progress in the Garden

Today was beautiful in Portland and we broke records for one of the warmest days in April. It was up in the 80's, just like the weather you have been having in Maine for the last month. I heard on the news that a cold snap is due this week where you live. What will you do with all the plants that you put in over the past couple of weeks? It seems like our weather is always opposite. This is our last day of warm weather. It is back to reality with average temperatures in the high 50's.

Thought you might be interested in this restaurant that I pass by on my walk to the community garden. I took a photo of it because like most businesses here, sustainability and green practices are very common.Notice in the second picture that the water from the roof downpour spout is being used to water some kind of roof top planters.

Below is the park that is attached to my garden. I have to walk through the park to get to my garden.

 I spent my whole two hours in the garden mulching pathways to keep weeding to a minimum. This is the mulch that the community garden provides. It isn't really the best.Only wood chips, but it is better than nothing. I think your son got the same sort of free chips from your city down there or was it better stuff?

The Rhubarb I started from seed last year is doing really well.Notice how large the leaves are getting and the stalks look like they are ready to harvest now. You know I am not a great cook, but I made a nice Apple & Rhubarb crumble pie last year. We used Rhubarb a great deal when I was growing up in England. 
Here is one of those fancy lettuces that survived the winter and is now going to seed.

Another plant that has gone to seed. I can't tell what it was, but I probably should pull it before the seed pods release their seeds.
 Chives with their pretty purple flowers
 One of my garden neighbors gave me some winter and summer squash starts.I put them in the ground although I think it is a tad early. Another neighbor started a tomato plant.I know it is way early for tomatoes, but it might be a good idea to get a few in if we don't get a cold snap. One hassle I have been experiencing is getting rid of the rye cover crop. I don't think any
kind of grass cover crop is a good idea if you have to get rid of it by hand. I like how the cover crop worked ,but this fall I am planting what everyone else does here-Crimson Clover.

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