Sunday, March 31

Easter Planting-Portland, OR notes

Happy Easter Caroline! What an Easter we had this year with the high being 77. I can't ever remember it being so warm this early, but there is a good chance we will drop back down to our usual 50's.

With the warm weekend all the seeds I have planted so far are emerging. The photo above is "Buttercrunch" lettuce. Some left over seed from last year I planted in a plastic utility tub.

I did get to plant the ever bearing strawberries that I told you about.

Here are some tulips in my yard enjoying the sun!

Here are some seed potatoes I saved from last year. I found a simple video that I watched before planting them.Last year I planted them the "no dig" way and that did not do too well for me.

A view of the potatoes in the tub. I covered them with 2 inches of soil and will continue to
top things off.

RC watching everything I was doing. I am waiting for some
herbs I ordered from the Cooks Catalog. I am hoping it will be a  hotter than usual this summer. If so it will finally be a good year for squash and tomatoes.

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