Wednesday, March 13

First Signs of Spring in Portland,OR?

Well,maybe? Dear Caroline we had another day in the 60's today so I was able to
spend my first day on my Patio Garden Project now that the Community Raised Bed is planted.
Pictured below is one of the aqua colored utility bins I will be using. I must admit it is not the prettiest sight, but holds 25 gallons of soil which I purchased today for $10 and the tub cost me $6.
I was able to sow peas, carrots, lettuce and chard seeds.

I bought six pansy plants for $6 today just to fill my planters and for an instant splash
of Spring.

I wanted to show you one of my aloe plants that have been outside all year.

Here is a climbing rose. The roses are budding here and with Portland being
"The City of Roses", there are roses everywhere.

Below is a path behind the property. The fence belongs to my neighbor that has four mountain goats.
In a pinch do you think I could grow pumpkins or cucumbers back there? I can't grow anything too tall because the goats will just eat it through the fence.

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