Sunday, March 24

Note to Michele: Smell the Dirt

Hi Michele, 

While you've been starting to get your hands in the dirt in Portland, Oregon, we've been shoveling snow. Yes, we had more snow here in Maine. This is what the first day of Spring looked like here! Recently, someone told me that in Maine, March 20 is just a suggestion. I'd say so. We still have 2-3 feet of snow on the ground here so very little to report in the way of gardening.
That said we, we decided to drive to some sunshine, to one of our favorite greenhouses. My mother says she likes to visit the greenhouse in winter just to smell the dirt. It did our souls good to feel some sun on our faces and enjoy the smells and sights of the greenhouse. 
 The greenhouse didn't have much to offer for spring gardens yet, but the pansies were in, though it's too early to plant any yet.
 The highlight of the visit was seeing the greenhouse cat.
 He was helping business by demonstrating just how much cats enjoy catnip.
 He drew quite a crowd of winter weary New Englanders who watched and chuckled as he delighted in the herb,
then promptly passed out.
We didn't buy any cat nip but I did buy a pot of wheat grass for our cats, at which they turned their noses up. I should have bought the catnip! My daughter said she enjoys smelling the wheat grass just to remind her of spring. It smells like a freshly mowed lawn when I trim it with scissors.
Just the sight of these seeds puts hope in my heart.

Until next time........

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