Sunday, March 10

Note to Caroline: New Community Plot, Portland

Hi Caroline, this afternoon I worked at my new community garden raised bed. I still can't believe there was one right on my street and I never even knew about it. It is a private garden that is hidden on the grounds of a local business. The garden consists of about 30 raised beds some of which are community beds. I have to admit that I got used to my old space that could have fit 6-8 of these beds, but it is a joy to walk only 20 steps to the garden versus taking a bus ride for 45 minutes. I took a few photos to show you.

Today I was able to clear my clover covered raised beds, amend the soil and plant all in about an hour. I think I am in love with raised beds!

Because of the lack of space I have to rotate crops. Half of this bed is sown with peas and the other half is sown with Chard,Chives, Carrots, Beats, Lettuce and Onions.

 I am still planning to container garden and plant the border we discussed at my apartment. I think I will get going on that major project tomorrow.  As far as the weather, once in a while it breaks 60 here, but it is still chilly the rest of the time. I did spot some herbs for sale at the grocery store along with pansies and a few perennials. I imagine your garden is still covered in snow. Do you see any sign of spring yet?

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