Thursday, March 14

Reply to Michele: Still Winter Here

Dear Michele,

I am jealous of the pansies, green grass and rich soil I see in your photos. We're still in the throes of winter here, though the light at the end of the tunnel is in sight very soon.Temperatures have gone up this week and if it holds, perhaps all of the snow will disappear soon.

congratulations on the new raised beds. It must be wonderful to find a community garden plot so close to your home. Between your raised beds and your yard you will have plenty of space in which to garden without the hassle of taking the bus across the city. Your new garden looks like a welcoming place. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress you will make in the months to come. 

I love the color of your new container. It's bright and cheerful and to think you got such a great price on it, without all the work of painting the five gallon buckets. It's a great start.

I am also envious of those roses. Mine are still under snow. As far as planting pumpkins, I think that would work well. You can train the vines to go where you want and away from hungry goats. If you can get a photo of the goats, I'd love to see them sometime.

I don't have much gardening news to tell you from here. But I did take some photos of my mother's amaryllis for you. This is the second bloom, proving it is possible to get the bulb to bloom repeatedly. This one grew so tall the blossoms eventually broke off, so she placed them in a vase.

Here's a photo of my backyard and gardens buried in snow a few weeks ago. Some of the snow has melted, but the yard is still covered in snow. 

You can see some gourds and pumpkins on the rack. My daughter couldn't bear to put these in the compost last fall, so we just left them there. Now they are mushy but I'm wondering if we could try planting the seeds from them. What do you think?

Until next time...

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