Thursday, May 23

Curb Side Garden-Portland, OR

Here is an example of a perennial curb side garden in my neighborhood.
It is just one of many curb or tree lawn areas that have been taking over by the home
owner and planted. Technically curb side land is planted with trees and grass and is
owned by the city, but the home owner is responsible for maintaining the land. I have seen curb side gardens planted with many types of plants. Vegetable curb side gardens are very popular here. It is amazing how much panting space could be right outside your front door. I should caution that ripping up your existing curb side may not work in many areas of the country and may get you fined. Planting gardens in abandoned lots and curbs is part of the "guerrilla gardening" movement. The video below is a speech that Ron Finley made. Ron is a guerrilla gardener on South Central, LA.

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