Friday, May 24

Note to Michele: Malabar Spinach

Hi Michele,

When the rain let up a bit this afternoon, I took the opportunity to sow some seeds in the garden. Today's weather has been dark and gloomy, but I got out there anyway to do some seed sowing. The mosquitos were just about eating me alive so I worked quickly. I planted all of the seed varieties you sent from our seed list. I also planted an interesting plant I picked up at my local garden center. It's called Malabar Spinach or Climbing Spinach. I had never heard of it before but the packet looked interesting, so I thought I'd try it.

I planted the seeds in a large terracotta pot. A few days ago I got a great bargain on some extra large terracotta pots at a local thrift store. Some were stuck together, but the price was right so I took my chances. When I got home I ran cold water over the stuck pots and they came right apart no problem.

After I planted the Malabar Spinach seeds today, I thought I better find out some information about what I'd just planted. So, I found this terrific video by John at Growing Your Greens with a lot of detailed information about the plant, as well as a super way to use it in a veggie wrap. I can't wait until mine is ready to eat so I can try this recipe.

Until next time....

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