Friday, May 17

May in Bloom in Maine

April showers bring May flowers, the old saying goes. It certainly is true here in my garden. Blooms are  popping up all through my garden on a daily basis this time of year. Today, I strolled through my garden, camera in hand, to capture this spring moment.
Bleeding Heart- one of my absolute favorites. This particular bleeding heart is a miracle plant. My children gave me this one for Mother's Day last year, but it died within a month or so.  And I mean dead, dried up, no signs of life at all. I didn't have the heart to dig it up. So I left it all through the summer and fall, thinking it needed to go to the compost pile but I just couldn't. Yet, here it is. It started growing back this spring and is more beautiful than ever.

In addition to bleeding heart, along my garden path you'll find violets, creeping phlox, ajuga, strawberries, vinca, Solomon's-seal,  and last but not least, sunny yellow dandelions left to bloom for the bees.

  May is so beautiful:
Orchards are fair;
Branches of fruit trees
Make gardens of air. 

Flowers of fragrance
Bloom in the light;
Fall like the snowflakes
Showering white. 

Orchards of heaven
Grow with a grace,
And like a blessing
Perfume the place. 

Each tree in blossom,
Each lovely spray,
In this month of Our Lady,
Bring glory to May. 

by Helen Maring
The Magnificat. Volume LXVIII. Number 1. May 1941.
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