Saturday, June 15

Chinese Garden-Portland, OR

Lan Su is the official name of the beautiful Chinese Garden in Portland, Oregon. Located right in the city in the "Old Town" neighborhood, it is considered the most authentic garden outside China. Most of the materials from the garden came from China. 500 tons of rock was also obtained from China. Sixty-five artisans from Portland's sister city Suzhou lived in Portland for 10 months to assemble the garden. Lovely any time of the year the garden features 300 plant species found in traditional Chinese Gardens.

Moon Locking Pavilion

Can you spot the fish?

Can anyone identify this unique plant?

Lovely example of a path. Every section of the garden has a different path design

A close-up of another path

Painted Boat in Misty Rain Pavilion

This is a fully functional tea house with authentic furnature

One of 300 species of plants

Fish Pavilion

Rock Mountain and  Waterfall

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