Wednesday, June 26

Kathleen's Spectacular Shade Garden-Portland, OR

When I visit my friend Kathleen, I get to walk through her lovely and unique shade garden. I often forget to bring my camera, but on this special visit I remembered. Kathleen's 1926 home, Court Cottage, sits on a amazing lot with three levels or terraces. She has lovingly spent the past forty years tending to her garden.

The house and land was originally a tennis court that Kathleen's grandmother played on. Her mother once lived in the house. Kathleen loves the privacy and animals that visit the garden. She told me keeping up with the bamboo she inherited is one of her biggest garden challenges. Another problem with the garden is too much water. There have been problems with erosion and a mud slide in the 70's.

Kathleen often comments to me that she is not a gardener. I am sure you, like I, will beg to differ.

Stone steps from the street lead up to the second level

Second Level-Daylillies in bloom

One of several Hydrangea Shrubs

One of many garden statues placed in the garden

A lovely stone bird bath

Calla Lillies-I have never seen them in a private garden before

More lillies

Another example of well placed garden art

More steps up to a third level

Stone Path Close-Up

See the horse head?

Shanti Daisies in bloom

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