Thursday, June 20

Note to Michele: Gardening is a Family Affair

Hi Michele,

I have a new raised bed for my garden thanks to my Dad and my kids! It's going to add some much needed space for growing our veggies. This afternoon, my Dad  came over, rounded up the kids and together they made and filled this raised bed.
You may remember I ordered three yards of loam earlier in the spring. We added some to my existing gardens, but still had a huge pile of loam. Three yards is A LOT of loam!
 Dad used some wood from an old ice skating rink we were no longer using. The kids helped him build the raised bed.
They pounded in stakes, drilled, sawed, and moved earth to fill it up.  And they horsed around a little, too.
                  And got a good workout.  Moving earth can be exhausting!
Once the bottom was lined with newspapers and old dry leaves to discourage any weeds from surviving, the bed was filled  up with loam.
Doesn't all that fresh dirt look beautiful? As soon as it was done my youngest son shouted, " Yes! Now we can plant an endless supply of tomatoes!" I second that.

We have enough wood and loam to make a second raised bed the same size as this one. I'll keep you posted!

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