Sunday, June 2

Note to Michele: June Garden Tour

Dear Michele,

Things are starting to blossom in my garden now that it's June and we've had our first heat wave. It's a bit early for 90 degree weather, but the past four days have been tropical around these parts! Flowers are opening up in my garden. The peonies, iris, phlox, climbing roses, and many others are in the bud stage but just about ready to burst into bloom. Below you see a patch of bachelor's buttons in bloom.

This is a rhododendron bud starting to blossom.....
 ...and here, on the very same bush, are two rhododendron blossoms fully opened.
For the first time in many years, I have lupine blooming in my garden. I started these from seed I collected in a meadow a few years ago. This is a light purple. I also have a patch with darker purple flowers.
 My rhubarb is getting bigger.
 The "Cut and Come Again" salad greens are almost ready to cut. I am eager to start making salad with this mix.
And this beautiful sight below is what we lugged home from the beach- buckets of seaweed. I will spread this on the garden. I also hope to make some seaweed tea for an organic fertilizer.
All over the garden, the seeds I planted are sprouting into tiny little seedlings. The heat killed some, but I think we'll still have a good variety of produce in the end.

What's happening in your June garden?


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