Tuesday, February 15

Note to Caroline: Missouri, Disclaimer and other thoughts

Do you think we should have some kind of disclaimer statement that we have no association with Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds? We would not want people thinking that we own stock, know anyone, are dating anyone (smile), or have any kind of association (that we know of) with them at all. For that matter I know I have never visited Missouri or know anyone from there. I am sure it is just lovely out there, and just wondering what your thoughts are on the subject. Didn’t you pass through that state on your summer trip driving from Maine to Oregon?

As a side note we should find out what the climate is like there. I know that the catalog company grows most of their seed varieties in their test gardens. Not sure if the climate there more matches Southern Maine, Oregon, or neither.

Off the Baker Creek Heirloom subject my mother has booked her Reiki Class at Stonehenge this May. I visited there when I was a child. I think that we could have her write a post about Stonehenge. If you think about it Stonehenge can be thought of as a garden of sorts and certain aspects of the magical properties of the stones can be incorporated in any garden.
W.W. Rawson & Co. antique seed packet artwork -- 1899
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