Thursday, February 10

Note to Caroline

I have been thinking about Chloe and your idea about using Christmas lights buried in kitty litter, setting the seed try on top, and putting both in a clear plastic tote with a lid. I can see Chloe watching me with great interest while I am setting that up. I can see turning my back on her for only a few seconds and glancing over to see her peeing in my newly set up seed starting tote, thinking that I have supplied her with a new, much improved, heated kitty litter box.

Dig, dig, and dig. “Oh look at these cute toy lights under the kitty litter I can play with.”

Dig, dig, and dig. “This is the best kitty litter box ever and it is even heated so maybe I should lay here for a while after I have chewed on a few more of these pretty toys that light up.”

Dig, dig, and dig. “I think I should pee some more so that the RC does not want to play with my new toys or use my new box."

Can you think of an easy way to kitty proof the plastic tote idea?
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