Thursday, February 10

Reply to Michele: Seed Starting Ideas and Pets

If you use a clear tote with a lid, as long as the lid snaps down tight, she won't be able to get into it. Of course, that means cutting some kind of small hole through which the rope lights could pass, but that wouldn't be too difficult. Another idea would be to put it in a room Chloe can't access or on a high surface. I know most cats can easily jump, but after hearing your description of Chloe's physique and energy level, I'm wondering if she wouldn't bother.
dlings. You should give it a try.
D.M. Ferry & Co. antique seed packet clip art -- 1894

Do you think RC would have any interest in the box? He's so smart and curious, you never know how he'll react. A dog that is possessive of a remote control might very well think you've set up something special just for him.

I also like your idea of using a crock pot to start seedlings. You should give it a try.
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