Monday, February 21

Plant Drama

We discovered that it is well worth the extra time to research any unique varieties which you are planning to grow, versus relying on the seed packet and catalog descriptions. It was not that the seed packet and catalog information was inaccurate. It was more like we imagined that strawberry spinach would look like, excuse our ignorance, spinach.

A chance Internet search proved that we were more than a little wrong about our assumption. We knew it had edible berries, but imagined the plant as a stack of low growing leaves with a stalk of berries. What were we thinking?

Turns out that Strawberry Spinach is a tall plant with berries at every level of the plant; berries here, berries there, and berries everywhere. Each plant produces more berries that we imagined and, as an extra bonus, the plant is very pretty. It has a holiday look to it and would be pretty in any Christmas arrangement.

After discovering how Strawberry Spinach looks and grows we are very excited about growing it. We suspect that the variety will do well in both of our climates and may have to ability to be over wintered in Oregon.

We will keep you posted on this exciting sounded variety of Spinach.P.S the posted photo is from the Park Seed Catalog.
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