Thursday, June 28

Community Garden Update: Weeds, Eastern Bluebird and Lettuce

I arrived at my community garden plot to find mostly weeds. We haven't been over in a couple weeks due to rain. It was too many weeds to deal with today, so we will return tomorrow morning with tools to tackle the weeds. After we weed, we'll be putting on some seaweed and straw mulch to fertilize and keep the weeds down in the future.

Today we saw a little drama going on at one of the bird houses. A Sparrow was protecting her nest from an Eastern Bluebird. She was so flustered and kept chasing that Bluebird off. I wish I had brought my telephoto lens to catch a good photo for you. I know Blue Jays can be aggressive, but was surprised to see an aggressive Bluebird. If anyone knows anything about these birds, I'd love some insight as to what was going on.
 The lettuce at the community garden is doing well. I planted a mixed pac of seeds so have many varieties.
I think this one is iceburg lettuce. I've never tried growing this before. I think this one looks a bit like a green rose.
A few peppers are already producing, however, something is eating some of the leaves. Last year we had no problems at all with the peppers. Any idea what it could be?
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