Sunday, June 24

Response to Caroline: First Harvest

I was able to harvest chives, oregano, radish and sage today. I am going to dry the herbs in my new dehydrator. I also just tied some up to air dry. I want to see what the difference is?
 The peas are nearly ready.Maybe just a week to harvest. My pole beans are making an attempt to fasten themselves to the chain link fence that is on one side of the plot. The thought of having a whole fence of runner beans is exciting. The tomatoes as usual look pathetic. I think it is just too wet here to grow nice tomatoes. Does anyone have any tricks for growing them here in the pacific northwest?

The beets have begun to show, but I need to thin them out. The bush beans look like they are waiting for warmer weather to take off. Below is a picture of my beets with oregano and a pea peeking out. As you know I am not a neat gardener.

Look at what I discovered today on my plot. It is a Peruvian Daffodil that I put in the ground only 3 weeks ago. It comes back each year and will spread hopefully. It is very fragrant.

Here is the bottom half of the Daffodil.

Sun and warmer weather is still rare here even though it is nearly July. It has really slowed growth down.


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