Monday, June 18

Note to Michele: Roses, Wind chimes and Mock Orange

My mock orange is in bloom so I wanted to take a photo to show you. That we have any blossoms this year is a miracle really because early in the season the bush had a terrible problem with aphids. I noticed ladybugs and wasps feeding on the aphids but I think the result was very few blossoms. Here you see one branch in full bloom along with some of my wind chimes. I collect wind chimes and this bush is full of some small sets.
The mock orange always blooms at the same time as my climbing roses which are abundant this year.
While tending to the roses, I noticed this little surprise on our nearby grapevine. The vine has yet to produce grapes as it is only a few years old but it looks like we might get some this year.
I am quite happy to see this tiny bunch. In other news, the daylilies are almost ready to burst into bloom. The Egyptian onions are producing and my daughter made the best onion soup with them today. What's going on in your Portland plot this week?
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