Friday, July 27

Growing Grapes in My Maine Garden and a Hornworm!


This year I have more grapes on my grapevine than I have ever seen before. In addition to that, I found another grapevine has seeded in nearby. It's not producing yet, but that gives me three grapevines total.

I took a picture of this nice big bunch to show everyone. Take a look close on the leaf to the left. If you can't see it, I've blown it up for you to see below. I didn't see this until much later when I took a good look at the photo. That's how well camouflaged this creature is.

After a little research, I think it's some kind of hornworm. Perhaps a tomato hornworm, but the question is--do they also eat grape leaves? I have noticed some of the grape leaves have been decimated. However, I thought it was Japanese beetles to blame. I made my own Japanese beetle trap. Unfortunately, a raccoon seemed to think the sugary solution was for him. The next morning I found the milk jug completely empty, which was quite a feat, as it had a whole banana inside it, as well as sugar and yeast. The milk jug was still intact without a mark on it. Oh well, raccoons are talented that way. Looks like it wasn't Japanese Beetles eating my grape leaves. It was this monstrous looking caterpillar.

Here you can see two grapevines covering the arbor. It's the most lush and full of fruit I have ever seen it. You may remember that We planted these in 2012. In the foreground you see a statue/urn. The baby grapevine seeded in next to that. I'm not sure if I should transplant it in the fall, or let it grow where it is and find some kind of support for it right there.

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