Tuesday, July 31

Collecting Maine Lupine Seeds

It's the end of July and all my lupines have gone to seed. I collected the dry seed pods on a nice sunny day. Getting the seeds out of the pod is as easy as shelling beans. The tiny pods are little more tricky, but still no problem.

I think I'm going to plant these in the greenhouse now, so I will have baby lupine plants by fall to place around my garden.

 I love lupines. I've been trying to get a variety of colors, but when naturally pollinated, purple seems to dominate. I might try buying another packet of seeds from the nursery to try to get other colors too. I mostly have shades of purple, blue and pink in my garden right now. I'd love some yellows, whites, and reds.

Started from seed, the plants don't flower for two years, sometimes three. So it will be a bit of a wait to find out what colors I will get in the future. But lupines are so pretty, it's well worth the wait.

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