Sunday, July 22

Maine Vegetable and Herbs Container Garden Update

This year I am growing my produce in containers for two reasons. 1) A groundhog 2) Slugs

I have a variety of herbs growing in pots on my deck- basil, watercress, rosemary, oregano, parsley, chives. I also have some plants growing in the raised bed garden. The groundhog and slugs leave the herbs alone for the most part. Something is eating the basil, but I think it's an insect.

I have peppers, cucumbers, and tomatoes growing in pots. Some are on my sunny deck. And others are on an old picnic bench to keep them up off the ground and out of reach of the ground hog and slugs. I'm also starting some lettuce and sage in flats right now.

I don't think the vegetables are doing as well as when I've grown them in the raised beds, but they still have a good amount of produce coming along. Sadly, the groundhog did get to the new cucumber starts when I first put them out, so they are behind schedule. I first set them out in the raised bed, which was a mistake. When I saw them chomped off, I moved them into a bucket.

And because it's summer in Maine, I thought I'd end with this photo I took of a rocky Maine beach recently. It was a perfectly beautiful day, not too hot, not too cool, not a cloud in the sky.

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