Wednesday, July 25

Perennials For Your Garden by Alan Bloom Bressingham Gardens Vintage Book Review

Some people collect vintage cookbooks, but I collect vintage garden books. So when I saw this gem at a book swap, I nabbed it. Perennials for your Garden was published in 1974. It was written by the legendary English gardener Alan Bloom. (and BTW....what better surname for a gardener than Bloom?)

Like cooking, much garden advice is timeless. So vintage garden books are not only interesting historically, but offer practical knowledge as well. I was pleased that the colors of this book haven't faded with time. I think I will refer to it often, if only to look at the beautiful photographs taken at Bressingham Gardens in England. However, it is also filled with timeless advice regarding perennial varieties.

If you'd like to take a virtual tour of Bressingham Gardens, check out this youtube video of Adrian Bloom, Alan Blooms son.

And if you are like me and appreciate vintage gardening books, remember to check thrift stores, yard sales, library book sales and swaps to hunt for some vintage treasures for your own garden bookshelf.

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