Thursday, March 31

Creative Sap Collecting

We've been trying several different methods for collecting sap. We're experimenting to find what works best, is simple and low cost. My dad tried this set up out recently.

He used tubing that fits right into the spile (tap) and ran the tubing into a empty, clean milk jug. He just drilled a hole the right size in the jug and put the tube in. It worked great! The only problem is the sap is flowing so strong right now, the gallon filled up and over flowed before we could check it. So, we're going to switch to five gallon pails we got free from a restaurant. If we could check more frequently, the jugs would work just fine. With this method using tubes, we don't have to hang the container on the tree. That's an advantage when using odd shaped containers that don't hang well off the spile.

We'll be boiling down some sap this weekend. More updates to follow.

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