Tuesday, March 22

Reply to Caroline:Clarification on Pigeon Peas & Smoothies

Can't wait to hear more about your progress in making Maple Syrup. Make sure to take lots of photos so we can post them on the blog. About the smoothies. In the winter I just buy bags of frozen fruit. I love Strawberries so one recipe I use quite a bit is to add 2 cups of Strawberries to 1 cup of Almond Milk. Make sure that the Strawberries are half frozen so that you don't have to add ice. I do add a few spoons of Sugar, but I think you can also add Honey. I am looking forward to trying the Stevia that we are growing this year as a sugar substitute.

My mother got back to me the question we had on the Pigeon Peas. I had noticed that our family calls it Peas & Rice, while others call it Rice & Peas. She said that they are used interchangeably depending on the island.

She also wanted me to tell you that you might be able to find canned Pigeon Peas in the grocery store there.

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