Monday, March 21

Reply to Caroline's note on Pigeon Peas

Hi Caroline. I got started in the garden yesterday. The lows are averaging 40 now with the highs in the 50's, but with the rain and wind it is feeling significantly colder. My body has now grown accustomed to the weather here now.

About the Pigeon Peas. I did think my mother was a little crazy when she mentioned that she grew them in Trinidad because it is a very hot climate and I always heard that peas liked cool weather. However, like we found technically it is not a pea and is grown in hot climates like India. I believe it is used a great deal in East Indian Cooking as well. Trinidad is one of the most diverse islands in the Carribean culture wise so a great many people have East Indian roots.

Having grown up with my mother cooking with it I tend to take it for granted. I was surprised when you mentioned that you had never eaten it before. I know that you mentioned that there is one supermarket in your town and that you were going to look for it there. If you don't find it I am sure my mother would be happy to send you some.

I asked her to share her recipe with us and she said she would be happy to do so. It sort of is a stable item on most Caribbean families cooking list.

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