Wednesday, March 16

Grounding in the Garden

Grounding and the Garden
There are many ways to replenish one's spirit in the garden. Spirit can be thought of as energy, worship, or any spiritual practice that restores our sense of self. This restoration of self is known to many as grounding oneself. Grounding concepts are focused on restoring a connection with the earth and your body. Those that feel ungrounded can feel stressed, dizzy, deep in thought and not connected with their body. Restoring grounding reduces stress, clears the mind, and promotes inner peace. Because of its connection with the earth, the garden is the perfect place to ground oneself.

Ways to ground oneself in the garden:
1. Find a place to meditate. It can be any place in your garden where you can place a chair. Among some scented herbs such as Lavender or Rosemary would be ideal. If it is summer you will be able to take off your shoes and place your bare feet on the ground. If it is winter time, bundle up, keep your shoes on, but find a sunny spot to sit if possible.
2. Sit with your body relaxed, legs uncrossed, eyes closed with hands resting on your knees palms up.
3. Close your eyes and try to quiet your mind. Try to inhale deeply and exhale slowly. Imagine that you are a beautiful butterfly in your garden flying from one beautiful flower to the other. Imagine the intoxicating smell from the flowers in the garden. Imagine yourself as the butterfly admiring the kaleidoscope of flower colors. Try to imagine yourself becoming the butterfly
4. Try to block out any worrying thoughts or concerns that you have.
5. Next imagine a root growing from the ground up through your feet grounding you to the earth.
6. Use the above forms of guided imagery for 15-60 minutes each day.
7. When you feel ready to end your grounding session imagine a white light cleansing your body. Imagine this light entering your crown and moving down your body. Also, imagine the white light around your body.
8. Open your eyes and just sit for a few moments to readjust to your surroundings.
9. Enjoy the feeling of being grounded in your body and have a glorious day.
Try to take the time each day to do this exercise or do whenever you feel out of sorts. You can even create your own imagery and change your gardening environment. For example, imagine that you are on a beach or in a Zen garden. If you take this time for yourself you will find that you will be more at peace with yourself and others.
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