Thursday, September 25

Fall Prep in the Garden-Portland, OR

We have had a wonderful start to fall this year. It has been the warmest fall I can remember, with daytime highs still being in the 90's. Nevertheless, I know the cooler weather will arrive soon, so I have been trying to get my community garden ready.

My Kale is doing well. I grew these from seed this spring.  It is one of the plants that over winters very well in our mild, but rainy winter here in Portland, Oregon. I am waiting to harvest the leaves until after the first frost. I hear that Kale taste the best then.

This is my first year over wintering cabbage, so I don't know what to expect. I did notice on this visit that the heads of the cabbage were covered in something white. I suspect they were eggs. I was able to remove them with a quick spurt of water from the hose, but I am  not sure if that it is all it is going to take to avoid a  major moth infestation. I kind of doubt it. Has anyone overwintered Cabbage before, or know how to naturally get rid of the moths?

Here are my Broccoli plant starts. If you look closely you will see holes in the leaves from the moths. It is not as bad as it is on the Cabbage plants. I love Broccoli, so I hope there is some left for me to eat. In my other bed I have planted Carrots, Turnips and Brussels Sprouts from seed.

A view of one of my beds in the community garden. The beds are long and narrow.  Half the garden plots are assigned to individual gardeners and the other half are community beds. 

Here is a photo of a potted Dahlia in our garden. I love this pink color. Dahlias seem to very well in our climate. I remember growing Dahlias as a child in our garden in London, England. 

Don't our community garden Pumpkins look great this year? We thought we were growing Squash plants until another gardener told us they were Pumpkins. They look so much alike at first,

If you look closely you can see a wasp on this sunflower. We are growing these Sunflowers for the seeds. They line the garden fence.

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