Wednesday, September 10

My New Greenhouse!

Isn't it gorgeous????
Ha! In my dreams! Seriously, this beautiful greenhouse is part of the King's Garden in Fort Ticonderoga New York (more about that in a future post) But to have my own greenhouse would be so nice...and I do have a new greenhouse to show you. It's not as grand, beautiful, or big as the one above, but I have big plans for my own little greenhouse.

It's the time of year that everything in the garden center at Big Lots is on sale. This very last greenhouse at my local Big Lots was marked down considerably, so I snatched it up. My father got one of these earlier in the year and while it's not the fanciest around, it has served him well. I'd also read about this particular greenhouse on the blog, A Mother's Journal. Take a look at this post by Lynn (and the rest of her blog while you are there- good stuff!)

I'm not sure it's staying in this location as the ground is a little sloped. I might just take it down for the winter, but I wanted to set it up to maybe extend my growing season this fall. I'll definitely put it to good use in the spring at seed starting time.
John Kohler from bought several of these on sale and posted a video on how to set them up. Take a look at what John does with his Big Lots greenhouses:

Next post will be our visit to the Wilder Homestead: Boyhood home of Almanzo Wilder. I'll show you the heritage gardens the curators have planted there.
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