Sunday, September 14

Guerrilla Gardening Update, Portland OR

I wanted to give everyone an update on my Guerrilla Gardening Project. For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, read my earlier post here.

Although it does not look as pretty as I would want, I think I got a really good start. Take a look at what I grew there this summer. The garden was started in early July, and these pictures were taken the first week in September.

Right now I am debating whether I should put in a winter crop. One worry I have, is that the weeds and wild blackberries will take back over. Weeds don't die here in this area of the Pacific Northwest, like I am used to in the Midwest. Most of the time it is just not cold enough.

I have my eye on a small, white kitchen cabinet that a neighbor left out for someone to take. If it is there tomorrow, I am going to haul it back to my house. It is a perfect size for another mini raised bed.I am really looking forward to expanding the garden next year by adding more raised beds.

So what garden projects are you working on? Are you able to winter garden where you live? Leave us an update on Twitter ,or leave us a comment below this post.

Lemon Cucumbers grown up a fence. They really do climb!
Morning Glories. I would not sow these in a Oregon garden. They are invasive here.
I plan to pull these out very soon

The garden spot is full sun so it is perfect for growing melons

First year rhubarb. I am waiting to harvest until year 2

Zinnias from seed. I used annuals to fill in the bare spots in the garden

Another filler annual from seed. This one is Mexican Sunflower

Side view of the area

More annuals & Basil in one of the drawers that I used as a raised bed

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