Tuesday, September 9

Flowers in Mallett's Bay Colchester Vermont

On our recent camping trip, our first night was spent at Mallett's Bay Campground on the shores of Lake Champlain in Colchester Vermont. First thing in the morning, we bought coffee at the camp store, then took a walk to see the sights. And what beautiful sights they were.
Near our campground was Bayside Park. This scenic park was nicely landscaped with a pretty garden planted. The park also has a beach on the shore and spectacular views of the bay.
A little further down the road we passed the cutest flower shop called A Flower A Day
I don't think I've ever seen such a charming little flower shop as this.  
 And then we saw apple trees. This one was on the grounds of our campground. The Lake Champlain region has the perfect growing conditions for apples. The cold winters are just right to produce a fine crop.
It was with regret we left the pretty town of Colchester, Vermont, but needed to continue on our way to see more beautiful sights in New York state.

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