Friday, September 19

Flowers in Lake Placid Village New York

Lake Placid, famous for Olympic history, is a friendly village in the Adirondack Mountains of New York. On one overcast day of our trip, we headed into the village for some skating and sightseeing. My daughter figure skates and she was lucky enough to skate on the very rink where the United States hockey team won the gold medal in 1980. Not only does Lake Placid do sports in a big way, but the mountains surrounding the village are breathtaking, as is the lake. It's a destination with something for everyone.
No matter where we go, I'm interested in the plant life. So, as we window shopped in Lake Placid, I snapped photos of plant displays that caught my eye. Every town seems to have a little different spin on the traditional plantings, containers and window boxes, with a hint of their own unique regional flavor.
 This garden is planted at the entrance to the Olympic center where you'll find both the 1932 and 1980 arenas, as well as the Olympic Museum. The speed skating track is next to these buildings and far off in the distance is the ski jump- a scary looking thing that makes one wonder how such a sport is even humanly possible!
After my daughter skated, we spent some time walking around Lake Placid. I thought the plantings were exceptionally nice, like this cute planter with a tiny picket fence. 
Then the theme is repeated on a corner with an arborvitae, daylilies, hostas, alyssum, and Johnny jump up flowers (violas).
Next, we came upon this nicely planted courtyard with a distinctive Adirondack flare.

I think this is my favorite planting in the courtyard- very woodsy and rustic.
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