Wednesday, August 1

Note to Michele- Our Garter Snake


This spot on my deck is right beside the door. Last year, I noticed a little snake basking from time to time. This spring we noticed it is back. Most days I see a snake on this rail.

I left the dry leaves because it seems to be part of the appeal of this spot. My kid and their friends always look to see if the little snake is there. Most days the snake is there, unless it's a very hot day. Sometimes the snake is under the leaf.

My daughter noticed one day the snake looked smaller. She thinks there is more than one using the spot. I have seen others around the garden, so perhaps this spot is just right for garter snakes to hang out. The snake (or snakes) don't even seem wary of us walking by and looking closely.  It usually just stays where it is and doesn't seem to mind our presence. ~Caroline

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