Wednesday, June 29

Flowers Around Town: Belfast, Maine

Yesterday, my daughter and I spent the morning exploring  Belfast, Maine. Belfast is one of the most interesting little towns on the Maine coast. With its unique personality, I just knew the flower arrangements would reflect the energy of the place. I was not disappointed. All up and down the shopped-lined streets and along the waterfront, I found blooms growing in creative displays.

How about planting an old movie theater seat?
These flower arrangements were atop the wooden trash bins. What a pretty way to hide an unpleasant necessity.
A pretty pink window box with flowers to match.
A garden sailboat. "The Water Loo" graces the grounds of the public restrooms.
A rustic planter with views of the water.
A repurposed watering can.
A window box of grass and pansies.
Lavender by the sea.
Antique wicker plant stand.
and last but not least...a bathroom sink filled to overflowing with nasturtiums.

To see more photographs from our day in Belfast click here.


Liz @ Sit With Me In My Garden said...

Wow that was fun to see! Love seeing flowers in the community! I always take the side streets so I can see what other people are doing! The water loo is too cute but the cutest is the theater seating! Love it, thanks for sharing! Liz

debbie said...

loved your pictures!

Candy @ The Little Round Table said...

Love that shot of the lavender by the sea, just beautiful!

Thanks for joining the garden party,

simplythankyou said...

wow, Lovely,Beautiful Flowers!Thanks for Sharing!!
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